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Vino Rosso Salami

The perfect starter salami for any palate and any charcuterie board!

Meat ratio:

Pork Shoulder Boneless 100%


Based off the weight of the total meat ratio.

  • Kosher Salt 2.55%

  • Curing Salt #2 0.25%

  • Dextrose Sugar 0.3%

  • Bacteria Culture BLC-007 0.015%

  • Distilled Water 1.5%

  • Ground Black Pepper 0.5%

  • Red Wine 5%

  • Garlic, minced 0.2%


  1. Take the freshly ground meat and place it in a bowl with the kosher salt, cure salt #2, dextrose, and bacteria culture BLC-007 (bloomed in the distilled water 30 min prior to stuffing). Mix thoroughly until a bind starts to form.

  2. Place all other ingredients in with the meat mix and mix together. (Tip: If needed, add a little more water to the mix to loosen up the bind. This will help mix all the ingredients well enough and allow it to stuff into casing easier.)

  3. Place mix into sausage stuffer and stuff into 29-32mm all natural hog casing.

  4. Ferment on a covered tray or in a brine bag until the pH hits 5.3 or below within 48 hrs.

  5. Hang at 50°F and 75% RH (humidity) for 35 days or until 40% weight loss is met from initial green weight.

  6. Vacuum seal and place into refrigerator and consume within 6 months.

You can find a full video showing this recipe on my YouTube channel here.

Check out my other recipes here or head over to the Matt the Butcher YouTube channel to see me make recipes like this one.

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