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Lemon Pepper Salami Deli Meat (cooked)

Sliced thin, this deli meat is packed with flavor!

Meat ratio:

Pork Shoulder Boneless 100%


Based off the weight of the total meat ratio.

  • Kosher Salt 1.8%

  • Baking Soda 0.2%

  • Curing Salt #1 0.25%

  • Rosemary, freshly chopped 1 Tbsp/kg of meat

  • Thyme, freshly chopped 1 Tbsp/kg of meat

  • Cracked Black Pepper (0.4%)

  • Lemon Zest (0.5%)

  • 100g Water (10%)


  1. Take the freshly ground meat and place it in a bowl with kosher salt and baking soda. Mix until a bind starts to form.

  2. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix until thoroughly bound together.

  3. Stuff sausage into 70mm-100mm synthetic casing and make 4-6 lb chubs.

  4. Tie off the chub and let it hang overnight in refrigerator uncovered to let it set up.

  5. Sous vide the chub in a 160°F water bath until internal temp is 155°F.

  6. Put it in the refrigerator until the internal temp is 38°F, and then slice thin on a deli slicer. This is incredible alone on a charcuterie board or on a Italian cold cut type sandwich

You can find a full video showing this recipe on my YouTube channel here.

Check out my other recipes here or head over to the Matt the Butcher YouTube channel to see me make recipes like this one.

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