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Chorizo Criollo Coils

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Not only is the shape of this sausage unique, but the taste is superb.

Meat Ratio:

Pork Shoulder Boneless 60%

Beef Chuck 40%


Based off the weight of the total meat ratio.

  • Kosher Salt 1.8%

  • Baking Soda 0.2%

  • Black Pepper, cracked 0.20%

  • Ancho Powder 0.4%

  • Fresh Garlic, minced 1.2%

  • Nutmeg 0.1%

  • Dried Oregano 0.4%

  • Fennel 0.2%

  • Red Wine (Argentina) 6%


  1. Take the freshly ground meat and place it in a bowl with the kosher salt and baking soda. Mix until a bind starts to form.

  2. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix until thoroughly bound together.

  3. Stuff sausage into 22mm natural lamb casing and make 5.5oz links. Then coil them up and place a hydrated bamboo stick through the middle to help it keep a coiled shape.

  4. Put coils on a tray and let sit overnight in the refrigerator uncovered to let it set up.

  5. You can now grill, steam, boil, or saute the coils and enjoy. These are extremely good grilled with Chimichurri sauce on a butter toasted bun!

Check out my other recipes here or head over to the Matt the Butcher YouTube channel to see me make recipes like this one.

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